Why Go Green?

  • Products are concentrated
  • Products reduce water use
  • Leave virtually no residue
  • No harmful fumes
  • Safer for the environment
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Safe to use around children and pets

    Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Promotes a healthier work environment
  • Enhances safety for workers
  • Improves employee retention
  • Enriches productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Limits environmental footprint

  • What is Green Cleaning?

    Green Cleaning refers to environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products that are designed to preserve human and environmental health. Green products are often marked with the Green Seal Certification. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, whenever possible, that are manufactured without the use of chemically reactive and toxic agents, and are also biodegradable. We have a strong dedication to eliminate the use of wasteful materials and tools, we use microfiber clothes are other reusable materials in our cleaning processes.

    The professionals at PureGreen Cleaning Systems believe that any and all efforts to conserve our environment should be made for future generations. In our dedication to environmental preservation and to our customers, we strive to promote the highest standards for Green Cleaning. We provide our employees with intensive training on cutting edge equipment, industry standard procedures, and environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods.

    According to the Presidential Executive Order No. 13514, green cleaning is defined as the incorporation of products, methods, and services that have a lesser impact on the environment and health. It includes three key concepts:

    Health: Many products we come in contact with daily contain chemicals that may be harmful to one’s health. Green cleaning reduces exposure to toxic chemicals, especially for those who are vulnerable such as children, the elderly, and those with immune system suppression, allergies/respiratory problems, and our pets.

    Comparative in Nature: The accepted definition of Green Cleaning is comparative in nature meaning it does not set an absolute of what is environmentally optimal however it does compare products, services, and methods that encourage improvement of the environmental impact and human health.

    Performance: The performance of cleaning products is crucial to maintaining a clean and safe environment. No product performance = waste of production, energy, and not environmentally friendly.